07 July 2006


Bad news on the family front. Father-in-law has just been diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. Life expectancy seems generally to be less than a year. Horrible all round, and as far as emigrating goes this makes things particularly complicated. Mother-in-law is lovely and she would want to be near us if she was left on her own (we've discussed this already). She doesn't know about our emigration plans, although I think she has her suspicions. Now we have to decide whether we plough ahead, or shelve things for a while. Trouble is, in some ways the emigration process is a bit of an unstoppable train once you're on board, and at certain points you run out of options.

Ho hum.

03 July 2006

First post

Just starting on an emigration journey from the UK to Canada. We spent a few weeks exploring the country in May and June, and I came to realise that going to live in a new country would be like trying to prepare a meal in someone else's kitchen. Hence the name of this blog.

It's very early days yet, but we're getting towards the top of the emigration queue (we sent our application off in July 2004), so it feels like it will be sooner rather than later...