22 November 2007

Snow Day

Yesterday's persistent rain turned into freezing rain this morning and then into snow. The school bus board took the sensible decision to cancel the buses, so we had the children at home all day. We see three school buses going past the front of the house at around 7am every school day, so we had early notice of the cancellations when they didn't go past today.

The anemometer part of our weather station froze solid, so it looks as though we have no wind, but that isn't the case! The snow isn't very deep, but enough to entice the children outside. We took the dog up to the field for a walk earlier and I finally got one of the pictures I'd been waiting for - I knew that the gnarled tree root fences would look good once they had a coating of white stuff on them. Our pond is overflowing for the first time since we moved in, creating a small but fast-flowing stream down the track. I imagine that will freeze over fairly soon though, as the forecast high temperature for tomorrow is a rather fresh -6°C.

Stew and dumplings for tea tonight, I think.

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