03 February 2010

Snakes and sparkles

I've only seen today's weather conditions a few times since we've lived here. It was a sunny day but there was a very fine snow falling. This filled the morning air with glorious sparkles of light. I tried making a short video of it against our neighbour's dark blue garage wall. I'm not sure how well this shows the effect, but it might give at least some idea of what I'm on about:

I had to stop the car on my way to work to take this photo of a cedar fence. I've been admiring it for years and meaning to take a photo of it for some time. Today the light and the dusting of snow combined to make the perfect moment. The zig-zag style is known as a snake fence. Good for shallow soils, apparently, which are certainly not hard to find in these parts.


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Northern Beauty Seeker said...

I like the snap, crackle and pop sounds that accompany the sparkly snowfall, makes them seem like static electricity :)

I have always admired these fences, the hand hewn look is comforting.