03 July 2010


I grew some perennial flowers from seed in 2008, two of which have flowered for the first time this year. In this picture are the coreopsis ('Early Sunrise', which have flowered every year), the delphinium ('Blue Mirror') and the Tennessee coneflower (Echinacea tennesseensnis).

They're in a difficult spot - a dry, sunny border at the front of the house which gets occasionally flooded with rain from the roof when there's a big downpour which overflows the gutters/eavestrough. I've been more diligent about watering it regularly this year, though, which seems to have helped these flowers. Maybe next year I'll have enough blooms to be able to pick some!


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

In a difficult spot as you mentioned, it must exciting to see it blooming for the first time. The bottomline is the care you had given..... ~bangchik

Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

Aren't they lovely! Informal and colourful. Brilliant.


Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

Your patience has finally been rewarded - and may your plants go from strength to strength