10 February 2011

It'll come in useful, one day

My parents had one of those fundamental personality differences in relation to 'stuff'. I think it's like the cat person/dog person distinction. Dad's tendency is always to keep a thing in case it might be useful, whereas Mum had more of a 'chuck it' mentality. My sympathies were with Mum, generally, and I am usually fairly ruthless in trying to keep the number of my possessions to a minimum.

This little trug is an exception. I received it as a Christmas present from a colleague, ooh, probably about 10 years ago now. It contained some hand-cream and hand-scrub for gardeners. It's too small to be of much use in harvesting garden produce, but I've always kept it, as it seemed too nice to throw away and I thought that maybe, one day, I would come up with a use for it.

Now we're getting a respectable number of eggs, that day has come, at last.


Linda said...

So you have a little bit of BOTH parents personalities! That is one great basket! Aren't you glad you kept it?
When we finally DO throw something out it seems like we invariably find a useful purpose it couls have filled. But all the stuff we KEEP.....seemingly useLESS!

Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

That's precisely why people hang on to things! (That and gratitude towards the people who gave them.) Pleased your basket survived. It's an odd and pleasant thing, the way something like a nice basket can enhance an already positive activity like egg collecting.