30 June 2011


The tomato peppers are plumping up:

And so are the tomatoes, though none have ripened yet. I love the flattened shape of the Marmande variety:

Managed to get a photo of all three chicks at last. They don't sit still for very long, so it's hard to get a picture that isn't just a blur of fluffy movement.

When they're not under the hen, their second favourite place seems to be on her.


Anonymous said...

Very envious of those lovely looking peppers and tomatoes! I have nothing planted right now. The chicks are gorgeous too.

Arash said...

I love this picture of chicks. It reminds me my childhood when I had lots of hens, roosters, ducks and also their chicks.

PJ | home and Garden Decor said...

Hello from TX, Amanda.
came across your blog through the blogroll of another blog I visited.

Your tomatoes look really good and I'm sure they will be delicious. In opposite to your area, before long our tomato season will be over.

Love the pictures of your chicken you have posted in this post and in some previous posts. Reminds me of the time when I still was living with my parents and the neighbors chicken came over the fence messing with Dad's vegetables. He always got so mad! LOL Gosh, that's almost 30 years ago.

Happy Gardening
Paula Jo

unikorna said...

oh I am in love with your baby chicks, they are so sweet. Mine are all grown up ladies laying lots of lovely eggs. Beautiful blog. Kisses.