07 August 2011

An irresistible Old Flame

Well of course it's a tomato. What were you thinking I meant?

It's very aptly named, I think, with yellow colouring at the top and tongues of red licking up from the base. When you cut into it, the flesh is a pleasing mixture of the two colours.

This one is going into a bed of garden-grown vegetables and herbs which will form a summery sauce for a leg of County-reared lamb. I dug our first potatoes yesterday and will serve them alongside this dish, making this an almost 100% County meal. (We haven't managed the production of salt and pepper here yet, as far as I know...)


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous and what a great feeling to know that almost all of it is local!

Linda said...

How AWESOME is this??? I wish I could produce PRODUCE like you do!!