26 December 2011

Boxing Day bonus

The mild winter (still no snow!) means that some of the greenhouse vegetables which would normally have been killed off by frost are still producing food. After the rich main meal of Christmas Day, it was time for something a little lighter for our Boxing Day lunch. I was able to harvest salad onions, some lettuce and dill, along with some young spinach leaves (these were about the only thing which would normally still be alive at this time of year).

The dill and onions were chopped up and combined with a block of cream cheese and some lemon juice, salt and pepper to make a quick and easy pasta sauce. Once the cooked pasta was coated with the sauce, I stirred in some leftover smoked salmon, cut into strips. The spinach was sliced into thin strips and mixed with the lettuce leaves and some chopped cucumber (not from the greenhouse - but it was Canadian!) to make a green salad to go with the pasta.

Then we completely ruined all that lightness and freshness by having Christmas Pudding for dessert. I didn't serve it yesterday, having finally learned from long experience that no-one is capable of eating it on Christmas Day.


Lea's Menagerie said...

Wonderful to have your own fresh vegetables!
Christmas blessings!
Best wishes for the New Year!
Mississippi, USA

Liz said...

I'm looking jealously at your dill - mine keeps dying on me this year.

Mary Hysong said...

It all looks so good! I still have trouble with dill, doesn't seem to like it too cold in the winter and it doesn't like it so dry and hot in the summer....

kitsapFG said...

The pasta looks delicious! I am inspired to do something similar soon. Yummy fresh fare to lighten up the meal table after the holiday feasts.

My Urban Gardens said...

Your harvest looks great! :)