28 February 2012

Taste test

When I looked at this huge pile of citrus skins to shred on Sunday night I felt like Cinderella or some other of those put-upon fairytale characters who are given impossible tasks to do.

But eventually I managed to turn every single orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit shell into shreds for the marmalade. I didn't have time to do the boiling down afterwards, though, so I saved that job until yesterday afternoon, when I was slightly more awake. Somehow I don't think being in charge of boiling pans of syrup is a good idea when you're dog-tired!

My reward at breakfast-time this morning was to test the new four-citrus marmalade alongside last year's Seville orange variety, to see whether it came up to standard. The toast on top has the 2011 batch, the one underneath is the new variety, which came out a few shades lighter than the old one. The taste is different, as you'd expect, but still pleasantly tart and definitely something I will enjoy eating for the rest of the year.


Diana Studer said...

In time you will have your very own marmalade recipe. Do all those pretty colours survive cooking? Shreds of bright green lime??

Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

I doubt Cinderella had such a beautiful pile of citrus skins. It's like a painting.

Amanda said...

The lime goes more of an olive green, but is still recognisable - I can't distinguish between the other fruit once they've been boiled for hours, though!