03 March 2012

Wind of change

There's a damaging gale blowing down the lake at us this morning. From our house, we could see white horses on the surface of the water, as the ice was broken up by the wind. The dividing line between water and ice was rapidly advancing down the lake from west to east, so I went for a walk with the dog to capture the moment of change. This is happening about three weeks earlier than it usually does.

The eastern half of the lake was still fairly frozen, although close to the shore the ice has broken up into large, angular chunks. This picture looks peaceful, but it was so windy at this point on the road that I could hardly stand upright.

A limb of this tree had fallen into the road, so I carefully pulled it off to the side, so as not to impede traffic. Not that I'd seen any cars this morning.

The boundary between the ice and the water was fairly clear:

The waves on the water were echoed in the ice which moved in an much slower wave. One that made me feel slightly seasick to watch.

Just past the join between the water and the ice, the reason for the lack of traffic became clear:

One of our neighbours' trees is completely blocking the road. I couldn't even get past it on foot.

Made me feel a bit silly for pulling that other branch off the road, I can tell you.

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Linda said...

Our hydro was out for just over 3 hours this morning. What winds all day long, I'm surprised there wasn't more damage.