22 May 2012

Rain, rain, come again

It's back to that time of year when we're anxiously watching the weather satellite pictures, hoping for some rain to come our way.

Yesterday I completed a weekend of gardening by sowing squash and cucumber seeds in the patch of land Mike had tilled in the hayfield. This is quite a long walk from the barnyard and doesn't have water nearby, so will have to depend on nature's hand when it comes to liquid refreshment. After last year's experience with squash bugs, I didn't want to put plants from the squash family anywhere near the barnyard and greenhouse. I sowed seed in about a third of this area. It was already pretty dry, so we definitely needed rain to give the seeds a good start.

It was supposed to rain overnight, but didn't. This afternoon, though, the clouds started to bubble up in a promising manner.

Within half an hour of taking the photo above, the sky was dark and the rain was hammering down. Then it happened all over again, two hours later. Perfect.

In the evening, the rain stopped and I went out to do my customary hour of weeding. Well, strictly speaking that is my aspirational hour of weeding: I don't always do it, but always feel better when I do. A bit like any other sort of exercise, really. The brassica bed which was looking so awful two weeks ago has bounced back well.

...even though I've lost one or two of them to this little varmint and his or her extended (and extensive) family.

It's hard to feel resentful towards something quite this cute-looking, I must admit.

The strawberry plants I put in at the weekend are perking up nicely, despite having lain forgotten in Child#2's school bag for 24 hours. Luckily he remembered them on Saturday and didn't wait until today to find them again...

On my way back to the house I spotted this frog in the grass. I think it's a wood frog (Rana sylvatica) - not one I've noticed here before. Like the rabbit, it was very willing to sit still and be photographed.

I think the wildlife is enjoying the rain as much as I am.

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Esther Montgomery said...

Such an amount of work!