17 November 2012

Chestnuts roasting*

There aren't that many stores that sell chestnuts here, so when I see them I can't resist the temptation. I have fond family memories of Dad roasting chestnuts in an old biscuit tin over an open fire and everyone burning their fingers as they cracked off the outer layers of the nuts to get at the sweet brain-shaped meat within.

 I hadn't tried cooking them on the wood-burning stove before, but it worked fine: it took longer than the directly-over-the-flame method (about 20 minutes, turning the chestnuts occasionally) but there's less chance of burning them, this way.

And in considerably less than 20 minutes, all that was left was the furry, woody debris.

*Apologies if you have Nat King Cole crooning in your head for the rest of the day.


Lisa from Iroquois said...

Like you I give in to the siren call of chestnuts at least once during the season. I roast them in the oven, or the microwave, never tried them over open flame or on the wood stove. What container do you use? Cast iron frying pan with a lid of some sort?

Amanda said...

Hi Lisa - I just used a metal roasting tray. It doesn't have a lid, I just turned the chestnuts over every now and then.

Lucy Corrander - M2 Photos said...

I first liked roasted chestnuts because they were first bought for me when I was taken to see the Christmas lights in London by people I admired. Now, I like them 'cos I like them.
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