05 November 2012

Sandy damage

The hurricane which affected New York and New Jersey so badly last week had an impact here, too. We didn 't lose any trees, as far as we know, but one of the greenhouse panels was blown out by the force of the wind.

It was supposed to drop cold last night, possibly cold enough to kill off the more tender greenhouse plants. In anticipation of that I harvested a lot of the remaining peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes.

Then we got to work to fill the gap in the side wall. We don't have any of the plastic panelling left, so we painted a sheet of plywood with preservative and put that up instead.

Having done all that, the temperature only dropped to 0°C last night and the plants would have been fine anyway. But tonight we are promised -6°C/21°F and I"m glad we are prepared.


Nicki said...

I found your blog recently and am reading it in the proper order - I am now up to August 2007 but jumped ahead to see if Hurricane Sandy affected you - glad you are still in Canada. I am looking forward to reading about the years between 2007 and today....I read a little each day. I very much enjoy it - it is like reading an adventure story!

Amanda said...

What a lovely comment - thanks Nicki!