23 February 2013

Seedy Saturday 2013

I blogged about the first Seedy Saturday event I ever attended back in 2011. This year I was one of the vendors at the same event. How quickly things move on! I got involved this year because I met one of the organisers when I had my farmer's market stall in Wellington last summer. You never know what is going to happen when you take on something new, do you? Always a good reason to try different ventures, I think.

I took along some herbs that I started from seed in late December. All except the basil had got to a reasonable size. I also had a box of home-collected herb seeds and some jars of the marmalade I made last month. I had some eggs to give away too, since we're not allowed to sell them apart from at the farm.

I tarted the marmalade jars up a bit with some cloth covers and twine. I wasn't sure that I would sell any of these (I thought they were bordering on the dangerously twee myself) but they were all gone in the first hour and a half!

I had a great time, talking almost without a break to people with a wide range of gardening experience but all with a strong enthusiasm for growing their own food or flowers. It was exhausting!


Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

'Dangerously twee' - my taste must be slipping. Your mini-agarics are delightful. I immediately wanted to copy your idea. (The stumbling block being that I'd have to make something to put in the jars first!)

Quinn said...

If that's your marmalade with the ginger in it, I'd have been likely to buy all that I could carry!