18 June 2013

Mid-June news

The two chicks which hatched out in May are now a month old. I think they're both female, this time. The broody is still in with them at the moment, but it won't be long before she will want to be back with the rest of the flock: she's already laying eggs again.

Out in the barnyard, the strawberries are producing a good crop this year and we've just stopped picking the asparagus.

The bees are busy with some of the beans that I'm growing in the greenhouse for the first time this year. With the relatively cool, damp weather we've been having, the ones in the barnyard are only a few inches high, so I'm hoping that we'll get a good early crop from the greenhouse-grown ones.

We woke up to rain this morning again - but the forecast for the rest of the week looks warm and dry. Perhaps everything outside will start to catch up a bit!

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