01 August 2013

Rain (and other harvests)

We got some much-appreciated rain this morning: about four hours of what I think of as 'Manchester rain', which was just what we needed to refill the barn water tanks and revive the parched-looking garden. I'd sown some more carrots, beets and lettuce at the weekend, so the soaking will get them germinating, with any luck.

Despite the dry spell, the beans are coming along well - I think this variety is 'Early Mohawk', but I won't know for sure until I shell them, as I've only seen pictures of the bean seeds, not the pods (and I didn't keep the seeds separate when I sowed them with the other bush varieties). Very attractive-looking, anyway, and certainly early, compared to all the other dry beans I'm growing this year.

The tomatoes are coming thick and fast, too. I've got my first batch of tomato sauce bubbling away as I write.

It smells delicious! This is the first time I will have used my new pressure canner to make tomato sauce, so this is a preliminary test-run with a small batch (about four pounds of tomatoes). The canner holds four two-pint jars, which I estimate would take 20 pounds of tomatoes to fill, once they've been reduced down.

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