16 September 2013

Bean counting

The dried beans have been piling up over the last few weeks. On the left are the star performers - Cherokee Trail of Tears, which have been wonderfully productive. Next are the Hidatsa Red and Early Mohawk beans - respectable but not huge producers. On the right are the frankly rather disappointing Deseronto Potato beans. Only one of the beans I sowed germinated - there are more beans still to come from that plant, but I'm going to have to save them all for seed for next year so won't get to taste them this winter.

Nearly all the Trail of Tears beans have been picked now, but the plants don't give up that easily - there are flowers and baby beans visible on them again. I doubt these will reach the dry bean stage before we get a frost, but you've got to admire their persistence!


Lisa from Iroquois said...

Your jars are interesting. Are they gem jars, the ones with the glass lids? How did you get your beans dry so quickly? I always leave mine drying til middle of winter before I put lids on.

Amanda said...

Hi Lisa - no, they're not dry yet - I just put them in the jars for comparative purposes! I found the jars in the basement - they're old Crown ones which look quite pretty!