06 April 2014

You missed a bit

 The snow is melting away in a sometimes unpredictable manner. Lumps are left behind here and there, like a man who hasn't quite rinsed off all the shaving foam from his face.

The gate is finally clear of snow, although the lake you can glimpse in the distance is still frozen.

In places, the remains of the snow drifts create artistic cliffs above the fast-flowing meltwater.

Usually there are huge sheets of ice at this time of year, but all the snow has stopped much from forming around the stream this winter. It's certainly been an interesting season, but I'm not sorry to be seeing it leave!

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Lisa from Iroquois said...

Your melt is much further along then ours and yet you are just a couple hours down the road. Here the driveway is a muddy swamp and the lawns are still deep in snow.