23 January 2015


Last winter was so snowy that the chickens didn't get outside for a solid three months. I'm looking back at last January's posts and remembering how horrendous it was. There is snow on the ground now, but only a few inches and there is even some grass visible at the moment. When it's very cold or windy I don't open up the back of the barn for the chickens, but today is milder and some of the hens ventured out to take the air.

The lake has been looking very pretty, reflecting back some clear blue skies of late.

But it's difficult to walk along our western fenceline at the moment, which is just a solid sheet of ice.


Margaret said...

You have such beautiful views!

Hard to forget last winter - thank goodness it is turning out to be a relatively normal winter this year (knock on wood!). Hopefully that means I'll be getting some fruit from my trees this year.

Amanda said...

Hello Margaret

I know it's too early to say that it isn't a bad winter, but at least we can say that it hasn't been a bad January! My apple trees were so badly damaged by rabbits last year that I'm not sure whether they'll be able to produce anything in 2015. But I'll keep hoping!