15 August 2015

Pepper pots

The peppers remained green for a long time, but are just starting to ripen. I picked two large flower-pots' worth this morning. The bright red ones in the middle are Cayennes and the ones to the bottom are Hungarian Hot Wax. The dark red peppers were supposed to be California Wonder,  but they look more like the Chocolate pepper I've grown in other years. The pretty yellow ones are Antohi peppers - they have an orange blush to them as they ripen. And the green ones are Tam JalapeƱo peppers, which I have sliced and pickled for winter use, together with the Hot Wax ones. They're nice on pizzas or in salads or sandwiches, to add a bit of extra flavour.


Beth @ PlantPostings said...

Yum! I'm hungry ... and it IS meal time, so I think I will go eat. ;-) My hubby would like the pickled peppers--he always has some on hand when food is too bland. Enjoy your harvest!

Margaret said...

Pepper season is here...I get almost as excited about that as the first tomato! I have some Hungarian hot wax and pepperoncino peppers in the fridge just waiting to be pickled too. Hopefully I find the time to get that done tomorrow.

Amanda said...

Hi Margaret and Beth! I agree, Margaret, watching peppers ripen is just as exciting as watching the tomatoes. I've got a couple of other varieties which aren't quite ripe yet and I'm out there every day, checking on them. :-)