18 October 2015

Pre-frost harvest

Yesterday evening I was running round the greenhouse in a variation on Supermarket Sweep, gathering up vegetables that I thought might be damaged beyond edibility by the coming frost.

The frost certainly arrived: touching my marigolds

and my outside vegetables. Not that this kale will mind: there's a fair bit of broccoli, cabbage, sprouts and cabbage still to harvest outside and this level of cold won't do them any harm.

And having done all that harvesting, the plants in the greenhouse survived the frost undamaged, so with any luck there will still be more tomatoes and peppers to gather in the next week or two.

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Margaret said...

Look at those beautiful tomatoes and peppers! The predominate colour in my final harvest for them was green, so nowhere near as pretty. I'm wishing my kale hadn't bit the dust - I don't think I've ever tasted frost nipped kale, but I hear it is supposed to up the sweetness.