24 December 2015

Christmas Eve harvest

I know it can't last, but the exceptional weather has continued, with temperatures hitting 15°C/59°F today. I was able to harvest quite a few green things from the garden for our Christmas dinner:



small but perfectly formed purple cauliflowers

and both sprouts and Brussels tops

I pulled up a swede/rutabaga, too.

We are promised a storm next week and I'm sure winter proper will be upon us soon, but I am thoroughly enjoying this reprieve, however temporary!


Lisa of Iroquois said...

Jealous of your harvest. the only thing I've got left in my garden is the brussel sprouts. I must remember to harvest them before the cold arrives early next week. Just wanted to say Happy Holidays!

Margaret said...

How wonderful! I only harvested some herbs for our dinner, although there are a few things left in the garden like kohlrabi. I'm just hoping that my fruit trees don't too much of a shock when winter really arrives. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Amanda!

Amanda said...

Thanks ladies - happy holidays to you, too!

Beth @ PlantPostings said...

Yum! How wonderful to still be harvesting this late! Happy Holidays!

Esw said...

Hi Amanda, I discovered you blog yesterday while looking for instructions on the bel cream maker, since then I have read all your blog posts with captivation. I live outside Belfast in Northern Ireland and over the last year have been developing and learning how to grow a few of my own veg (nothing like the scale you are on). Thank you for sharing your journey on your blog I have found it both inspiring and enjoyable. Happy New year to you and yours and I look forward to reading your 2016 posts. Emma

Amanda said...

Thanks for taking the time to leave your lovely comment Emma - you made my day!