30 May 2007

Posting under duress

Sometimes you have to get things down in writing even though it's the last thing you feel like doing. Not that anything has gone disastrously wrong - just that I feel in a state of continuing low-level stressedoutedness which isn't particularly comfortable. Neither of us is sleeping very well and there seem to be innumerable loose ends to tidy up at work and at home that are becoming overpowering at times.

The removal firm is going to be packing our stuff up on Monday and loading it into a 20 foot container. The ship leaves Liverpool on Friday 8th June - the same day that we leave Manchester. The children had their last day at school on Friday and today a man came to take away my little car. :(

I've had trips to the optician, doctor, dentist and blood donor clinic in the last few weeks as I attempt to get up to date with everything. They won't take blood from me in Canada, as I'm obviously riddled with mad cow disease, and to give blood here you need to have been in the UK for 28 days after any trip to Canada, so that might be my last time ever for giving blood. Annoying really. Maybe I'll have to cultivate some leeches...

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