05 May 2007


Looks like we've come to some sort of agreement on the price of the property in Canada, so now we've just got to sort out the various things that are the conditions of the sale. This includes getting the water in the well tested, the house surveyed and the minor point of getting the finances in place.

We've had a couple of representatives of international mover firms round to give us quotes for packing up our stuff and sending it off on a boat. It'll take a little over a month for the container to get to our new house. We're hoping to complete on 19th June, so we will for a time be proud owners of a house with absolutely no furniture. It'll be like it was when we bought our first house in Aberdeen, back in December 1988, when we had a truly ghastly lime-green and brown bed-settee and pretty much nothing else. We can't take beds out to Canada anyway, so will be buying new ones as a priority for our first week I should think.

I'm thinking that I'll need to take out a basic set of kitchen utensils/pans/cutlery in our luggage so that I'll be able to prepare simple meals in the new kitchen. There is at least an oven there, so we'll be able to cook. One of the big selling points of the house for me was this lovely woodburning stove, also in the kitchen, which was a really welcoming sight the first time we saw the house (when the snow was coming down horizontally outside!):

Woodburning Stove
Mind you, there was a bird in the chimney when we went back to the property for our second visit, so another priority will be putting a bird-proof cap on the chimney!

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