22 June 2007


I'm at the Association of Canadian Archivists' conference in Kingston, where I'm giving a talk tomorrow. It's my last bit of official work for the Archives Hub. It's an excellent conference and it's been a great introduction to the Canadian archives community for me, so early on in our emigration journey. I have been having occasional pangs of guilt at leaving Mike alone with the children and the new house to deal with (particularly as the water pump decided to stop working today, so he had to call someone out to fix it).

Our possessions are now on Canadian soil - they are now on their way to Toronto from Montréal and hopefully we'll be able to usher them through customs some time next week. The couple who own the cottage we're renting this week lent us some spare mattresses and bedding, so at least we'll have something to sleep on while we sort out the beds.

We noticed a nest in the smaller of the two barns when we looked around the house on Tuesday, but we weren't sure if the birds in it were alive or not (they were completely immobile). But apparently they were flying round the barn today, learning how to fly, so that was a relief. I think we're going to be seeing a lot more wildlife here than we've encountered before, somehow.

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