26 October 2007


Leaf-mould makerThe job of the week has been raking up leaves and filling the leaf-mould-generating contraption that I constructed on Sunday. I've never had enough of a garden to merit building one before and somehow all those bin bags I've filled with leaves over the years have never generated any leaf-mould. Although that's probably because I forget about them from one year to the next and, being disguised as rubbish, they get accidentally thrown out. The large white boulder to the left of the leaf mould maker is, I think, a glacial erratic. It's a handy place to put a cup of tea whilst gardening.

Manure spreaderWhile I was collecting the leaves up from under the ash in the front garden, our neighbour, Matthew, arrived to ask where we wanted the manure. He brought his muck spreader round and deposited a handsome heap of last-year's muck in the barnyard.
Manure heap
We offered to pay him (as they would otherwise have used the manure on some of their 500 acres (!)), but he said he was just happy to have neighbours who didn't mind the cows. What a very nice man.

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