30 October 2007

Perfect Pictures

Frosty bittersweet nightshade berriesWe had our first frost yesterday morning, which made for some pretty pictures.

On Sunday we took the dog down to the Sandbanks Provincial Park for a walk along the Cedar Sands Trail. He didn't like the stairs much, but got the hang of them on the way back. This was a bit of a worry, as he doesn't like the stairs at home either, and so far hasn't been upstairs or down to the basement, which suits us fine. We were worried that his new confidence with stairs at Sandbanks would translate into stair use at home, but so far that hasn't happened.

In the evening we took the kids into Picton to see Underdog at the Regent Theatre. This turned out to be an unexpected treat. Not the movie, which was as formulaic as I thought it would be (but bearable), but the cinematic experience itself. To start with we were confused by the fact that the box office was shut, so we asked another parent and she explained that the family movie on the last Sunday of the month was sponsored by a local funeral home and was always free.Frosty nettles I'm not quite sure what the funeral home hopes to gain by this, but who cares, what a fantastic idea! The concession stand was open, so the theatre was making some money there.

So we settled down to watch the film and I was expecting to at least see the name of the funeral home in one of the adverts, but to my amazement there were no adverts at all, nor any trailers. We just sat and watched the movie. It was like stepping back in time. OK, that meant no surround-sound but that's a fairly small price to pay for a really refreshing trip to the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but more importantly, what did you do to fix the banging door from our office into the corridor? It's driving us nutty!

Amanda said...

Talk to Dave the handyman - he'll sort it out for you!

Anonymous said...

We've tried that (to quote Jane: "we're not stupid", which is of course open for discussion) - we're interested in the possibility of sticking a piece of paper in the mechanism - which we believe you might have done in the past.

P.S. Can you remember what embarrassing thing Steve said about Dave Rawnsley and a swimming pool.

Amanda said...

Well maybe you didn't ask him nicely enough! My other solution was to pad the door out with folded up sheets of paper and parcel tape, so that the slamming wasn't quite so loud.

No recollection of Steve's comment about Dave and a swimming pool, I'm afraid!

And stop being 'anonymous'... I know it's you Leigh.