27 January 2008

Digital preservation

Dark Chunky MarmaladaHad my first ever attempt at making marmalade yesterday. Thought I'd go with a Delia Smith recipe, as they're usually pretty reliable, and I found a recommendation for her Dark Chunky Marmalade on the Cottage Smallholder blog, so tried that. It's quite a long cooking process, as you poach the fruit whole first and then go on to the boiling phase. The house was filled with wonderful citrus smells throughout the day.

Delia says you should make the marmalade over two days, but I did it all in one afternoon and evening (with half the quantities) and it worked fine. My memories of earlier attempts at making preserves (my mother's and mine) were that the end result tasted fine but didn't set properly. I haven't tried the marmalade yet, so can't vouch for the taste, but am pleased that it has, at least, set.

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LadyLuz said...

Hi Amanada. Great recipe, which I'll adapt when the Seville oranges are in season again.

I short-circuit the fruit-cooking bit by using a pressure cooker.