05 February 2008

Flippin' great

Usually I just do regular pancakes with sugar and lemon juice for Pancake Day, but during the winter, since we've been here, I've been cooking just that for breakfast for the children every other day. (I did start out by giving them maple syrup with the pancakes, but they gradually reverted to type.) So it wouldn't have been much of a treat for tea today and I made stuffed savoury pancakes instead. I had spinach and ricotta in mine and everyone else had a bolognese mixture as a filling. A cheese sauce was poured over and extra cheddar and parmesan were sprinkled on the top. Then I baked them for half an hour.

Baker Creek heirloom seedsMy second seed order turned up today. This was the one from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds. It includes traditional tomatoes like Amish Paste, Purple Russian and Riesentraube, a stripy melon by the name of Tigger and the wonderful-sounding Hutterite Soup bean.

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