11 February 2008

Learning the language

Toby eating snow on the front stepThe dog still prefers eating snow to drinking the water in his water bowl, even when it is blowing a gale and snowing hard, as it was yesterday afternoon. I observed to child #2 that it might save us shovelling snow off the path if we could get Toby to do it instead, but that it might take him a long time to eat his way through it all. His reply was "Not like Daddy with the shovel, eh". The first example of a Canadian 'eh' from one of the kids - and so soon!

They're also saying 'Dayedy' [dεədɪ] rather than 'Daddy' [dædɪ] some of the time and I've definitely heard a few 'tomaydoes' mentioned. It's fascinating - a bit like watching them learn how to talk all over again. We tease them about it now, but I'm sure it'll be them making fun of our accents before too long. I suspect they're doubling up at the moment - maintaining a mainly English accent at home, but sounding more Canadian when they're at school with their friends.

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