24 July 2008

Red and green should never be seen

Well I think that's only true if you're sailing at night and there's a danger of being rammed by a ship that's coming straight at you. In the garden it's a good colour combination.

Ladybird on bean leaf

The first (and only) fruit from the 'Meteor' sour cherry tree that we planted in the spring. Tart, but tasty.

'Meteor' cherry

This is scarlet kale: looking more green than scarlet right now, but due to get redder as it gets colder.

Scarlet kale

The pathetic little Ping Tung eggplants that I featured back in June have bucked up a bit and are looking quite statuesque now, though no sign of any flowers yet.

Young eggplant/aubergine

The Hungarian hot wax chillies haven't turned red yet, but I love the way they're standing to attention.

Hungarian hot wax chillies

Runner bean flowers:
Runner bean flowers

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