10 July 2008

Rhubarb explosion

The tyre garden for asparagus and rhubarb was a bit of an experiment born out of necessity. It seems to be working OK, though. Here was one of the brand-new rhubarb plants back on May 4th:

Rhubarb shoots

And here is how it looks at the moment:

Rhubarb thriving

I know you're not supposed to pick rhubarb in its first year, but, by gum, it's tempting!


Amy said...

Wow, looks like it's VERY happy there! I'm itching to pick rhubarb too, but have to wait because I divided the crowns this spring.

ChrisND said...

Looks like the rhubarb is working out...I had to get some rhubarb plants this year. We dug some from another garden and I was told it's pretty hard to get it to not grow.

Can't wait 'til I can actually use it though -- just like a new raspberry plant, requires so much patience!

Barbee' said...

I don't know. I think I would let it be this year, and wait until next year. You will be glad you did when you see how well it does next spring. It is tempting though, I know. Mmmm, I can just smell it cooking!

Amanda said...

OK Barbee, I promise on my gardener's honour that I won't touch it this year. I'll have to make do with giving it admiring glances every so often!