09 January 2009

Falling off a cliff

One of the grown-ups' presents for Christmas was a second temperature transmitter for our weather station. This one is for the greenhouse, so that we can monitor the conditions in there. Spot the moment when Mike transferred it outside from the heat of the kitchen:

The lower line is the temperature outside the greenhouse.


Anonymous said...

I've got temperature sensors outside too. What software are you using to produce your temperature charts?

Amanda said...

The software's called WeatherLink - which comes from Davis Instruments, whose weather station we're using. Today it's recording the outside temperature as around -15, while the greenhouse is at +5 - quite an impressive difference!

Anonymous said...

Oh I see sensor and PC are linked. Neat! No good for me then as I've got different sensors. Never mind, I'll just have to stick with my manual/Excel system!
Greenhouse looks quite cosy in comparison (lol)