04 October 2009

Barn views

A heavy shower last night produced a once-in-a-lifetime rainbow that perfectly echoed the arch of the greenhouse, as seen from the doorway of the chicken's barn. I couldn't fit the whole thing into one shot, but it was a pleasing sight.

Today I discovered that we have at least two laying hens. They were sitting in their respective nest boxes when I visited the barn to feed the chickens some leftover spaghetti squash. There were two eggs when I went back just now. This is the first day we've had more than one egg, bringing the average since they started laying up to one a day. Is it a bit sad of me to have set up a spreadsheet with this information in it?

So the only two productive members of the flock were the two who failed to benefit from the extra food, which was quickly demolished by this bunch of slackers:

Get to work, you lot!


easygardener said...

I keep my plant book collection in a spreadsheet but the Digger has a spreadsheet for every occasion (or so it seems to me).
Perhaps the two layers are feeling so superior that they don't want to mix with the slackers :-)

Lucy Corrander said...

Did they see the rainbow?

Perhaps that will make a difference.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous looking hens! I am sure they will all start laying soon and you will be inundated with eggs.