25 October 2009

Dark as December

In the mornings, anyway. As the clocks don't go back until the early morning of the first day of November, the sun will be rising at 7.45am here by Hallowe'en: exactly the same time as it will be rising in late December/early January. Last year, when the clocks went back a day later, the sun rose at 7.47am, causing our darkest morning of the year to happen on November the first, rather than around the winter solstice. Which seemed very wrong.

I hate the dark mornings (can you tell?), although I suppose they do give me the chance to see the sunrise more often.


Lucy Corrander said...

I love dark days.

Your sunrise is wonderful.

Our clocks changed last night. I thought I would have an extra hour's sleep. My hotwater split. I woke in a cold pool of soggy bedclothes. Early.

That part of winter is not er . . . brilliant.


Lona said...

I am certainly not a fan of shorter and darker days. I need light and sunshine just like the flowers ;-) The time change tends to throw ones system all out of shape. By the time that we get use to it it changes again. Isn't it awful but I am wishing for Spring already ;-)

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Sun has been painting beautiful artwork in the sky..... for zillion of years.


Linda said...

At least you can see some sky through the clouds. The clocks changed here today and Scotland has been under a blanket of grey cloud, making it seem even darker.

inadvertent farmer said...

I must admit I really dislike short days. It means less time outside and more in cleaning and cooking...not my favorite! Rather be out getting my hands dirty in the garden...Kim

inadvertent farmer said...

Oh yeah...that is a lovely shot of the sky! Kim

Liz said...

I cannot function without light in the morning... It's really depressing and takes me much longer to wake up.

Although the dark evenings are also depressing I'm happy to have the light back in the mornings now as our clocks went back this morning.

Anonymous said...

I like short days and I like waking up while its still dark. Its just that winter feeling that I have in such moments (fireplace, snow, gloves and warm clothes...).

Great picture!