26 November 2009


We had ten hens and now we have nine, so our laying flock was decimated in the pedantic literal sense yesterday by some predatory beast. Mike found the birds in their run at lunchtime, which was unusual, as they're usually out frolicking in the orchard. Then he noticed that there was one missing and he found her out in the open, dead, with half of her breast eaten. It was our first loss since getting them as little chicks in May, so it was upsetting, though not unexpected.

For now we're keeping the survivors in the run and hoping that whatever the hungry killer was, it goes elsewhere for its next meal.


Helen said...

My condolences. To me, one of the hardest parts would be that, having made away with the hen, the poacher didn't have the decency to eat the whole thing. Wicked *and* wasteful.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

That is hard to take Amanda .. I'm sorry to hear it .. it may be an expected event in the back of your mind , but when it actually happens it really hits you badly. I hope the rest of the flock will be safe and peaceful now.

Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

Bad as it is, it doesn't match my imaginings when I saw the title - when I thought all your crops and greenhouses and (possibly) hens were gone.

Sigh of relief as well as sympathy.


Daphne Gould said...

How sad. I really hope your predator doesn't come back.

Vicky Price said...

Have you tried putting old socks full of human hair (speak to a friendly hairdresser about collecting leftovers)around the chicken run? The human scent can help keep preditors away.

Have been catching up with the last year's worth of blog - lovely to see that you are enjoying your new life.

Amanda said...

Thanks Vicky - I will investigate further! And I admire your fortitude in reading a year's worth of blog. Hope all is well with you!