03 November 2009

More 'shrooms

I thought I'd better do another post today in case anyone was worried that I'd poisoned us all last night with the wild mushrooms I'd picked. I did have a shuddery moment this afternoon when I reflected that I'd served them up based solely on information scavenged from the Internet. What if it had been wrong? I'm amazed that Mike ate them without checking up on my identification, though. There's trust for you. I suppose it helped that I was eating them too...

He found these ones today, growing on a stump of ash tree. I have no idea what variety they are, or if they're edible, so have left them well alone. They are lovely-looking though: like glazed bread rolls fresh from the oven.


Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

They look poisonous to me. I don't know anything about toadstools but the sheen on them would definitely put me off!

I wondering about your blog title. Will there come a day when you feel you are, at last, cooking in your own kitchen?


June said...

Yum, they do look like glazed bread.

I love to forage for mushrooms. Unfortunately, the more I've eaten of them the less they agree with my tum. Still, I can't help pawing under the leaves and undersides of dead oaks. So wonderful to find something so flavorful and surreptitious.

Amanda said...

Hi Lucy

Don't think I could change the name now. There's always something new or different, even now, although maybe after 20 years here, that will no longer be the case!

I agree with you about the fungi: too pretty not to be poisonous.