31 December 2009

Grey and lifeless

We went back to Massassauga Point for a walk today, to blow away some of the Christmas lethargy (brought on, no doubt, from overeating). It has been nearly three months since our last visit, when the Bay of Quinte looked liked this:

The photo below was taken from roughly the same place. The Bay is now frozen solid, so there was no chance of seeing a boat this time, although the patches of snow and the different colours of the ice do make it appear as though there are waves in the bay. It is actually a colour photograph, although it doesn't look like one!

On the way to the conservation area we stopped to take a photo of a derelict house. This photo was originally in colour, but I have turned it monochrome to enhance the creepy atmosphere that seems to surround the building (and to tone down the vivid yellow of the 'For Sale' sign!). I hope someone buys the place and restores the home to its former state; there are so many hideous modern houses on the same road. It would be a great shame if this old one were pulled down to put up another new one.

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