17 December 2009


The lake is not yet frozen, although it won't be long before it is. The cold weather and the waves generated by the high winds last week have left some strange and beautiful ice-sculptures along its banks. I like the Santa-beard on our neighbours' bent willow tree:

All down the lake the trees have been decorated in sparkly dangles of ice:

The shapely icicles on this fallen branch look striking with the light behind them:


Unknown said...

So lovely but i still don't want to go outside! As it sit at my comoputer with the fire roaring i can feel a draft across my feet. Ah...country living!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

That does look like a beard! If we have to deal with cold, at least we can appreciate the beauty of ice.

VP said...

I've never seen anything quite like it Amanda. Fantastic effects, but I'n viewing them in the warmth of my own home and I suspect you were rather chilly when you took those pictures!

Amanda said...

Well yes, it didn't get above minus 10°C yesterday, so it possibly was a bit daft to be out with the camera: how I suffer for my art ;-)