10 January 2010

Becoming Canadian

This has got to be the quintessential Canadian scene. A group of people thoroughly enjoying themselves on a frozen lake on a winter's day.

I have absolutely no interest in watching professional hockey and have some deep (but relatively uninformed) reservations about the way that youngsters enter the professional game here (this news item left an abiding impression). But I was bursting with pride at seeing my own son holding a hockey stick for the first time and getting the hang of skating with the help of some really lovely people. I would not want to see him involved in playing for a 'proper' team, but can't think of anything better than seeing him enjoy being on the ice like he was today.

And if that wasn't pleasure enough, there were marshmallows, toasted over a fire built on the ice.

I love this country.


Carol said...

Looks like a fun filled day!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Amanda I am so jealous about toasting marshmallows .. talk about comfort food !!!
Most of us dyed in the wool born here from several generations (mine from the 1750's in fact) hate the way violence has become second nature in pro hockey .. so take heart .. most of us are disgusted with that feature .. it doesn't belong in our national sport what so ever !!
PS .. could you toast some of those marshmallows extra crispy and send some to me please ?? LOL

Perovskia said...

Very cool :)

Linda said...

I'd love my toasted marshmallow popped inside 2 graham squares with some chocolate please. Yummy!
I've got to agree with you about not watching hockey ... the so called professionals seem to spoil it with their huge, huge pay checks and all the violence. A game of shinny is the best.

james A-S said...

Forgive me for asking but is that dog a Tibetan terrier?

Amanda said...

Hi James

It's part Samoyed and part something else. Poodle perhaps? Which would make it a Sammypoo. Oh dear.

Not mine, so I'm not entirely sure!