15 February 2010

Frozen falls

I had to stop the car again on my journey home tonight. The ice formations on this rock cut(ting) were too intriguing to drive past:

Here's a close-up of one section. It reminds me of those long-exposure pictures of waterfalls that people take.

It has definitely been more of an ice-winter than a snow-winter. So far, anyway. (Probably just typing those words will guarantee us a major snowstorm later in the week!) Our well has even run dry a few times, which is the first time that has happened to us in winter-time.


Linda said...

The ice falls are gorgeous. I have stopped many a time on my way to work around Hwy 7 to take photos of them.

Callie Brady said...

If our well was going to run dry, it would happen in the winter. I haven't seen any ice falls for a long time. Pretty!

Anonymous said...

I never thought about running out of water in winter. The ice formations are spectacular.

Esther Montgomery said...

The top photo reminds me of a row of big-bottomed Edwardian ladies bending over to see what's in the hedge.