13 February 2010

Winter comforts

The very first of this year's vegetable seedlings has emerged today:

It's so tiny that my camera can't focus on it, even on the macro setting. This is not the first seedling to appear in this seed tray: I proudly took a photograph of another tiny plant on Thursday, which turned out to have two cotyledon leaves. So whatever it is, it isn't a leek! I've left it there for now - there is so little green in my life at the moment that I'm even reluctant to pull up a weed.

I made a rice pudding the other night, to keep out the winter cold. Doesn't it look billowingly beautiful?

The first recipe I found online called for 20 ounces of rice for six people. That can't be right, can it? Instead, I went with a Delia Smith recipe, which sounded a bit more sensible (although I did increase the quantity of rice to six ounces, which worked fine).


Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Rice pudding on cold days. I haven't had that in years. Now your lovely photo has reminded me how good it was. Enjoy :)

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

Yeay - first seedling - always a happy time

Callie Brady said...

I haven't had rice pudding for so long I forgot about it until I read your post. I'll have to go find a recipe. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

My Mum makes great rice pudding! I love my Delia Smith recipe books and still use them more than any others I have.