28 March 2010

Meeting your meat

This weekend it was 'Maple in the County' time, when maple producers and other food-related businesses open their doors to the public to promote their wares. We took the opportunity to visit the small farm belonging to the Nyman family, whose meat CSA scheme we joined last year.

There were baby lambs, pigs and cows in their barn. It's not often that most people get to see the meat that they'll be eating while it's still on the hoof.

All the attention was a bit too much for some of them!


Esther Montgomery said...

. . . which is why one mustn't say 'aaah'!


Callie Brady said...

Most people don't want to meet their meat.

Anonymous said...

We did the same last Fall at the ranch that produces our grass fed beef. I have to admit it upset me a bit, but then I don't eat meat anyway so that is probably why. Nice to know that they live so well though.

Perovskia said...

That's great, I think more people should. It's good to be conscious where our food comes from. How did you feel walking away from that day?

Amanda said...

Perovskia - I was pleased to have seen the farm where our meat animals are reared and to see that they have lots of pasture outside for them to eat and run around in. If an animal is going to die for me, I want to know that it had a pleasant life. I think we're very lucky to have the chance of buying meat so locally that has been raised in decent conditions.