18 March 2010

Park life

I dragged everyone out for a walk this afternoon, as the day was fine and mild. We went to Belleville and did the circuit of Zwick's Park. It's a level route which is popular with cyclists and skaters as well as dog-walkers. There were quite a few people out enjoying it today.

A pair of swans were feeding on the east side of the park, where the Moira river empties into the Bay of Quinte. I did take some in-focus pictures of them, but this one, where the camera paid attention to the tree instead, is my favourite:

The park is bisected by the Bay Bridge Road carrying traffic to and from Prince Edward County over the Norris Whitney Bridge. The path goes underneath the road in two places. Just after going under the road for the first time we caught sight of a red-tailed hawk, gliding to rest on a tree:

There were only small patches of ice left in the edges of the bay. Not enough to make this sign useful, though.

There are good views of the bridge from the western half of the park. I have no idea who Norris Whitney was, by the way.

In the water just to the right of the bridge we saw a beaver. And just as I pressed the shutter button it dived underwater. Pesky rodent.

We've been over this bridge many times but this was the first time I had been under it. I liked this view of the supports: a bit like the effect you get when you're caught between two mirrors.


Callie Brady said...

That is a beautiful place to take a walk. I would like to take a stroll along the water.

Linda said...

Snap, I was there also, playing in the play area with my grandson, and taking photos of the swans. Who knows, we could of been there at the same time.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Great photos of a beautiful spring day! I really like the bridge photo, and to see a red-tailed hawk so close is such a treat. Enjoy the soft days!

Perovskia said...

The picture of the hawk is beautiful.