02 April 2010

Good Friday progress

The new greenhouse beds are full of soil now. I sowed broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages and romanesco in the far one this morning, using it as a nursery bed. I did the same last year and it worked very well. Although I haven't sown as much cabbage as I did last year (learned my lesson, there: we're still eating sauerkraut...).

Last year's beds are getting fairly full of seedlings already. I put up some wire for the sugar snap peas to cling on to. In front of those, carrots are germinating and I'm being as diligent as I can about thinning them. I've also sown peas, carrots and parsnips outside. The rodent-proofed peas are beginning to germinate: only five up so far, but that's five more than I had without the chilli experiment, so it was at least partially successful!

If you look at the top picture, you'll notice that we've got the side wall of the greenhouse rolled up. It was over 30°C in there at 10am (pushing 90°F!). Which I'm only saying to upset my friends and family in the UK, whose Easter weather is being less clement.


Callie Brady said...

Love those planter boxes! It is raining and snowing here.

Esther Montgomery said...

Your raised beds are astonishingly beautiful. And you are astonishingly industrious!


Linda said...

great to see your plans taking shape for this year. We could do with it slightly warmer here, but cold Easters are the norm and actually feel more natural!