24 May 2010


I've featured these poppies before, but make no apology for showing them off again.

The other photo from this morning is of a completely different subject. There were four of these turkey vultures on the barn roof just now. Not the prettiest of creatures, but they are performing a useful function in clearing up the remains of the rats!


Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Oh my, stunning photo of the poppies!

Turkey vultures remind me of teenage boys - all gangly and pimply and awkward - and they'll eat anything. :-)

Barbarapc said...

That's amazing. We've got a pair of turkey vultures in the creek here in Oakville - I'd never seen a close-up - they're remarkable. Very pretty poppy shots - you can never have enough poppies or shots of them.

June said...

Poppies are my favorite! But those birds scare me! YIKES!