23 June 2010

Aww and ugh

I picked up our 2010 batch of chicks today. I'd forgotten quite how tiny they are when they're newly-hatched.

Slightly less appealing were the other babies I found. These are the offspring of the Colorado potato beetles that I so cruelly dispatched on Tuesday. I get the feeling I was being too blasé by half about them. There were several dozen chomping away on the potatoes this evening.

Fortunately, the fully-grown chickens were just as keen on the larvae as they were on the adults.

Oh, and we had an earthquake this afternoon.


Emily said...

We felt it here in New Hampshire. I wondered if I had over-loaded the washer and the spin cycle was making the house shake. Then I heard on the news that it was an earth quake.

Such cute chicks. I'm looking forward to trying some next year.

Diana Studer said...

No damage? Just before I went to live in Switzerland we had an earthquake in Tulbagh (just over our mountain NOW) which we felt with a vengeance all the way to Cape Town. Then in Switzerland we had a little one, made the bed shake.

Amanda said...

No damage here - but I think a bridge near the epicentre in Quebec was damaged. I just thought it was a big truck going past and nobody else in our building noticed it!