12 November 2010

Going equipped

My old hiking boots, bought years ago in England, have finally given up being impermeable after providing me with stalwart daily service through three Canadian winters. I've had to invest in a replacement pair and have gone for these monstrous beasts:

They're so heavy that I feel like someone's turned off the gravity when I remove them. But they're sturdy, warm and waterproof, so I hope will do the job. Not that they need to be, at the moment; the weather's been gloriously mild, dry and sunny. Will probably regret typing those words any day now. ;-)

And, in chicken news...tada!

The last egg before this one was laid on October 22nd. Three weeks of no eggs: most upsetting. Let's hope that this is the start of a more productive period. Not sure if it was from one of the new hens or one of the old ones - I'll keep a closer eye on them over the weekend to see if I can work out who's responsible.


Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

My shoes are pretend versions of yours - they look similar but are lighter and not very waterproof. They are tougher than ordinary shoes though and very comfortable. Sometimes I feel like Florence in the Magic Roundabout in them but shoes which let you do what you need to and go where you want to go are wonderful.

As I scrolled down and the egg emerged, I thought it was the moon.

I’ve now used all the allotted space for photos on Pictures Just Pictures and have started a new blog so I can carry on. It’s called

Message in a Milk Bottle

I’ve given it a different look but its purpose is unchanged - a photo a day.


Amanda said...

I didn't know you could run out of space on a Blogger blog. Eek.

Lovely pictures, though, Lucy, as ever! Particularly like the kinky rhizome.

Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

Thanks Amanda.

Blogger is generous in how much you can have free but a notice came up to say I'd used it all and could carry on if I paid - and there was a little chart to say how much. If I had the right kind of card to pay over the internet, I might have considered it - but I don't so moving was the only option. It's odd loosing all one's followers and having to start from scratch - but quite fun too.


themanicgardener said...

They do indeed look like monsters, but if they do the trick... My kids fall down laughing whenever I put mine on, because they're that pale creamy grey known as "stone." Don't ask me why. I didn't pick them for the color!

But here's to warm, dry feet.