01 March 2011

A cunning plan

Every year that I've grown members of the cabbage family, there's been some cock-up with the labelling and I've been left with a series of mighty similar-looking young plants which could be broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, sprouts or kale. Which means that I fail to give the cauliflower the loving attention it demands once it is transplanted into the soil, because I don't know which one of the mystery brassicas it is.

I was therefore feeling very pleased with myself today, when I sowed the seeds in rows in their greenhouse nursery bed and photographed the seed packets next to the corresponding row. Hah, I thought, this year I won't be fooled. I'll have proof of which is which!

But then I remembered that this year I'm not growing cauliflower. So it doesn't really matter. Sigh.

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