18 March 2011

On the line

First line-drying day of the year. Ten days later than in 2009, I notice. The horizontality of the clothes suggests that I might have been over-keen about achieving this particular Spring milestone. Below the line, the grass is still very brown-looking, but with promises of green showing through.

Rocket/arugula and lettuce seedlings are beginning to emerge in the greenhouse and I've got peppers and eggplants coming up indoors. I sowed the tomatoes on Tuesday and they're sitting under a plastic cover on a sunny windowsill, so I hope they'll germinate pretty quickly. I moved the onion seedlings into the greenhouse this week and also transplanted the first of the peas. I germinated them indoors to avoid the problem I had last year with the seeds being eaten by rodents. There's still a risk that the young plants might get gnawed by rabbits in the greenhouse (if they're still lurking around), but I've given them some basic protection. It's not a rabbit-proof fence, by any means, but it might make them think twice:


Linda said...

A welcome spring sighting!!
My husband put up a clothes line for me......I love it! Makes me feel like I am living in a time when things were a little more simple!
Enjoy your fresh sweet smelling laundry!

Emily said...

We've finally had some melting this week but I think I still have a while before I hang clothes on the line. All the snow from our deck got shoveled under the spot for the lines and it gets a fair amount of shade. Glad to see your sings of spring :)

Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

I'm always astonished by the scale of what you do - now I'm even surprised by the length of your line!


Amanda said...

Lucy - now you're making me embarrassed to admit that this is only one of my lines - you can just the shadows from the other one (and the end post) on the right of the photo.

Now I feel greedy...